MacroAsia Corporation is committed to serve and protect the interests of its stockholders, management, employees, government regulatory agencies and stakeholders.  Guided with a well-defined corporate governance structure,  it will continue to do business with the principle of integrity, objectivity, accountability, and transparency.  

In doing its business, MacroAsia Corporation implements as a standard the following business conduct and ethics.

Conflict of interest

It is the obligation of every member to declare and divulge in writing his owninvolvement in any conflict of interest with the company. The very existence of a conflict-of-interest situation is not in itself a punishable offense. However, failure, whether deliberate or through neglect, to divulge the same to the company shall be punishable.

After the member makes such a declaration, the company shall determine whether or not the actual or potential conflict-of-interest poses any danger to the Company. If so, the company shall take measures to protect itself from any harmful effects of such conflict.

Conduct of business and fair dealings

Proper attitude and conduct must be observed in dealing with clients, guests, inquirers and suppliers. Everyone is expected to give clients, guests, inquirers and suppliers with utmost courtesy and respect. The Company strictly adheres /observes its suppliers warranties in relation to the exercise of good corporate governance.

Receipt of gifts from third parties

For the protection and preservation of the good name and reputation of the company, employees are expected to conduct their official business in the straightforward manner. All directors, officers and employees are encouraged not to involve in any unauthorized solicitation / accepting directly or indirectly, money or anything in value from suppliers, creditors or other parties doing business with the Company in exchange for a favour, decision or service that may or maybe not be detrimental to the Company.

Compliance with laws and regulations

All are bound to comply with all the applicable rules, regulations, policies, procedures and standards, including standards of quality, productivity and behaviour as issued and promulgated by the Company through its duly authorized officials.

Respect for trade secrets/use of non-public information

All employees and officers are bound by the confidentiality of intellectual property provision in their contract

Use of company funds, assets and information

Efficiency and effectiveness in operation are part of the goals set by the Company towards a world class Corporation. Consequently, it is expected that all members will not tolerate wastage of company resources, and disruption of work. For the protection and preservation of the good name and reputation of the company, employees are expected to conduct their official business in a straightforward manner. A reprehensible conduct will result in the destruction of the good image of the company, hence, the company reserves the right to prosecute in court any employee whom it feels is deliberately working against company interest.

Employee & labor laws & policies

The Company has certain guidelines which are developed to reflect good business practices. In establishing rules of conduct, the company has no intention of restricting the personal rights of any individual. Rather, the objective is to define the guidelines that protect the rights of all members in compliance to the Government mandated Employment and Labor Laws & Policies.

Disciplinary action

Disciplinary actions or penalties, when found warranted by the evidence, shall be imposed immediately or as soon as possible after the offense. Anyone charged with an offense shall be afforded ample opportunity to be heard, but shall not be allowed to unduly delay the administrative proceedings and the final resolution of the case.

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