Management has adopted an “open door policy” whereby positive suggestions will be entertained by the Department Head, Assistant Department Head or other senior officers. Suggestions that tend to improve the quality of work, increase productivity, or to create better conditions of employment are most welcome. If an employee is hesitant to bring his suggestion to the attention of his officers, the suggestions may be sent directly to the HRD.


It is the obligation of every member to declare and divulge in writing his own involvement in any conflict of interest with the company. The very existence of a conflict-of-interest situation is not in itself a punishable offense. However, failure, whether deliberate or through neglect, to divulge the same to the company shall be punishable.

After the member makes such a declaration, the company shall determine whether or not the actual or potential conflict-of-interest poses any danger to the Company. If so, the company shall take measures to protect itself from any harmful effects of such conflict.


The Corporation observes the “blackout rule” of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Directors and Officers are notified through email or SMS about an impending disclosure, specifying in detail the nature of the disclosure.


In accordance to the guidelines and regulations on Corporate Governance issued by the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other regulatory bodies, MacroAsia Corporation, ("the Corporation") and its subsidiaries has adopted this Policy on Related Party Transactions (RPTs).


In the implementation of Security and Safety Regulations, all employees are enjoined to:

1. Subject themselves to routinary inspection. Employees should undergo frisking and inspection of their bags, attache’ cases, packages and other belongings before leaving Company premises;

2. Use only entrances and exits that have been authorized and designated by Management;

3. Leave Company premises after the scheduled working time except when on overtime work. No one shall be allowed to loiter around, or go from one department to another where he is not authorized;

4. Report all areas that have unsafe conditions and security risk problems. This would include all accidents and injuries that have been incurred within the Company premises;

5. Observe and be conscious of safety sign, which must not be removed or defaced;

6. Refrain from selling products inside Company premises specially during working hours;

7. Observe non-smoking areas.

8. Keep aisle and all passageways clear of unnecessary objects;

9. Wear the required uniforms, safety and hygienic gadgets while on duty;

10. Switch off or unplug lights and electrically operated machines or equipment when not in use. It is the responsibility of the person nearest to the light switch and to the air-conditioning unit to turn it off after office hours before leaving the office;

Resigned or terminated employees shall not be allowed to enter Company premises without prior permission from HRD.
On Company records:

1. Company records should be kept in proper places away from the general public. It must always be filed properly and made available for official Company use and reference.

2. No employee may destroy, mutilate or throw away Company records without proper authorization from Management.

3. Reproduction of Company records is prohibited unless authorized by Management. Employees are also prohibited from passing on to any person or firm transactions, and other information relating to the business of the Company.

4. Company records, files or documents should not be brought out of the office unless authorized by Management.

5. Tampering, alteration, cancellation of any rubber stamp impression on any document shall be a cause for disciplinary action under the Company Rules and Regulations.

6. In cases where an outsider desires information, the same should have approval of Management.

7. An employee who intends to give papers, documents, or any item to another employee must use a Document Transmittal Form for proper documentation of deliveries and acknowledgments.

8. All Secretaries should make sure that the rooms of their respective Department Heads are properly closed and locked at the end of every working day.

9. No one is allowed to hold duplicate keys to any room except the Admin Department.

      Against Health and Sanitation
Corrective Action
Offense 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
1. Failure to immediately report to proper authorities the treatment of any industrial accident no matter how minor. WW 3 15 30 D
2. Refusal to submit to physical check-up, x-rays, etc. WW 3 15 30 D
3. Failure to notify office of any communicable/contagious illness that may or may not be detrimental of company business and/or co-employee. WW 5 7 D

     Against Security and Safety
Corrective Action
Offense WW 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
1. Reckless driving within Company premises using private or personal vehicle. Similarly recklessly driving company vehicle in or outside the premises. *Employee may be required to pay the cost of loss/damage. WW 5 7 D
2. Refusal to wear safely devices and accessories provided for by the Company. WW 5 7 D
3. Unauthorized entry to restricted/secured areas, including entry within the premises while not on duty. D 7 15 D
4. Reporting for work intoxicated or under the influence or prohibited drugs, drinking alcohol or taking prohibited drugs within company premises.
5. Carrying/possession of all types of deadly weapon, explosives or objects that may cause injury or damage to person or property. D
6. Refusal to be inspected or searched before entering and leaving the premises. D

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