Water Related Projects

Summa Water Resources Inc.


Summa Water Resources, Inc. (SWRI) is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) supplying a full line of standard and fully customizable water and wastewater treatment systems using new and emerging technologies. October 1, 2018, Airport Specialists’ Services Corporation (ASSC), a wholly owned subsidiary of MacroAsia Corporation, purchased 60% shares of stock held by the former individual shareholders of SWRI. ASSC was then renamed to Allied Water Services Inc. With the support of MacroAsia Corporation, SWRI is undertaking a massive business expansion and is progressively building a remarkable reputation in the water industry market. SWRI has supplied water treatment equipment and bulk water to private and government entities in several locations in the Philippines – Balesin, Mactan, Iloilo, Albay, Bulacan, and Cavite to name a few. View More

  • 369 Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue, MaybungaPasig City 1607, Philippines
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  • http://summawater.com