Joseph T. Chua

President and Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Chua, 63, Filipino, has been a member of the Corporation’s Board of Directors since August 1997. He is currently the President and COO of MacroAsia Corporation, a position he has held since December 15, 2015. Prior to this, he was the CEO of MacroAsia Corporation from July 2003 to December 14, 2015. He is also the President and a member of the Board of Directors of the following corporations: (i) MacroAsia Catering Services, Inc. (since July 2003), (ii) MacroAsia Airport Services Corp. (since 2000), (iii) MacroAsia Properties Development Corporation (since 2013), (iv) MacroAsia Air Taxi Services (since 2004), (v) MacroAsia Mining Corporation (since 2012), (vi) MacroAsia SATS Food, Inc. (since 2015), (vi) MacroAsia SATS Inflight Services Corporation (since March 2019) and (vii) Watergy Business Solutions Inc. (since 2014).

Mr. Chua is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the following corporations: (i) J.F. Rubber Phils. (since 1993), (ii) MacroAsia Air Taxi Services (2001-2003), (iii) Watergy Business Solutions Inc. (2011-2013), (iv) Cavite Business Resources Inc. (since 2011), (v) MacroAsia Properties Development Corporation (2003-2012), (vi) MacroAsia Mining Corporation (2004-2012), (vii) Boracay Tubi System, Inc. (since December 2016), (viii) Naic Water Supply Corporation (since August 2017), (ix) First Aviation Academy, Inc. (since December 2017), (x) Summa Water Resources, Inc. (since October 2018) and (xi) Alliedkonsult Eco-solutions Services Corporation. He also served/serves as a director of: (i) PAL Holdings, Inc. (October 2014-January 2018 and October 2018-Present), (ii) Philippine Airlines, Inc. (August 2003-March 2012 and October 2014-January 2018), (iii) Air Philippines Corporation (February 2015-January 2018), (iv) Bulawan Mining Corporation (since June 2009-January 2018), (v) PNB Management & Development Corporation (since June 2009-January 2018), (vi) ETON Properties Philippines, Inc. (May 2013–September 2017), (vii) Lufthansa Technik Philippines, Inc. (since 2000) and LTG, Inc. (June 2014-February 2018). His other business affiliations include: (i) Philippine National Bank, as director (May 2014-May 2015) and Board Advisor (May 2015-February 2018), (ii) Eton City In., (May 2013-Present), (iii) Belton Communities, Inc. (May 2013-Present), (iv) FirstHomes Inc. (May 2013-Present) and (v) PNB General Insurers Co., Inc. (August 2014-February 2018).

Mr. Chua holds a Master of International Finance degree from the University of Southern California, USA and a double degree of Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Bachelor of Science in Business Management from De La Salle University.

Atty. Marivic T. Moya

Chief Compliance Officer and Corporate Information Officer
Senior Vice President - Human Resources, Legal and External Relations

Ms. Moya, 59, Filipino, has served as an Executive Officer since May 1999. She is the current Senior Vice President for Human Resources, Legal and External Relations, Chief Compliance Officer and the Chief Information Officer of MacroAsia Corporation. Prior to this, Atty. Moya was the Vice President for Human Resources, Legal and External Relations of MacroAsia Corporation and Compliance Officer (1999-2019).

She is also the Corporate Secretary of MacroAsia Catering Services Inc. (since 2004) and Director (since 2019), MacroAsia Airport Services Corp. (since 2004), MacroAsia Properties Development Corp. (since 2004) and Director (since 2019), Asia’s Emerging Dragons Corp., and a Director and Corporate Secretary in MacroAsia Air Taxi Services, Inc. (since 2004), and MacroAsia Mining Corp. (since 2000), SNV Resources Development Corp., Boracay Tubi System, Inc., First Aviation Academy, Inc. (since 2017) and Summa Water Resources, Inc. (since October 2018). She is also a Director in Naic Water Supply Corporation, Watergy Business Solutions Inc., and Cavite Business Resources Inc., Alliedkonsult Eco-solutions Corporation and Cavite Alliedkonsult Services Corporation (since 2019). She is currently the Assistant Corporate Secretary of LT Group and PAL Holdings, Inc.

She served as the Corporate Secretary of MacroAsia Corporation from 2004 to 2014. She is also the Corporate Secretary of Philippine Airlines, Inc. (since 2014). She worked with various Government Institutions from 1987 to 1999, holding key positions such as Legal Officer of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) from 1987-1989, Arbitration Specialist of Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) from 1989 to 1990, Director II (Chief, Legal Service) of Philippine Health Insurance Corporation from 1990 to 1996 and Graft Investigation Officer II at the Office of the Ombudsman from 1997 to 1999.

She also held the position of Human Resources Manager of Grand Air from 1996 to 1997. She was a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Santo Tomas Law Alumni Association (2010-2013).

Atty. Moya holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Santo Tomas and a Bachelor of Arts degree, Major in Child Study from the Maryknoll College.

Amador T. Sendin

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Risk Officer
Senior Vice President - Administration

Mr. Sendin, 57, Filipino, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), has served as an Executive Officer since October 2003. He is the Chief Financial Officer (since 2012), Chief Risk Officer and Senior Vice President for Administration of MacroAsia Corporation. He is also the Treasurer of MacroAsia Properties Development Corporation ( since 2013), Summa Water Resources, Inc. (since 2018), and the Treasurer and Director of MacroAsia Airport Services Corporation (since 2011), MacroAsia Air Taxi Services Inc. (since 2011), MacroAsia Mining Corporation (since 2004), Watergy Business Solutions Inc. (since 2010), Boracay Tubi System, Inc. (since 2016), Bulawan Mining Corporation (since 2018), First Aviation Academy, Inc. (since July 2019), MacroAsia Catering Services ,Inc., MacroAsia SATS Food Industries Corporation, MacroAsia SATS Inflight Services Corporation (since June 2019), AlliedKonsult Eco-Solutions Corporation, and Cavite AlliedKonsult Services Corporation (since Dec 2019).

He is currently the President of SNV Resources Development Corp. (since 2013), Cavite Business Resources Inc. (since 2016), Naic Water Supply Corporation (since 2017), and a Director of Cebu Pacific Catering Services, Inc. (since 2004) Prior to this, Mr. Sendin was the Vice President for Business Development of MacroAsia Corporation (2003-2019), Treasurer and Director of Cavite Business Resources Inc. (2013-2016), Finance Manager of MacroAsia Catering Services, Inc. (2000-2003), and Finance Controller of MIASCOR Catering (1998-2000). He was the Operations Head of Amikris Enterprises (1993-1998) and a Resource Person of the Central Bank Institute (Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas Institute) (1992-1997). He was the Projects Supervisor for SAS Service Partners/Saudia Catering in KSA (1992-1993).

Mr. Sendin started his career with the Central Bank of the Philippines (Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas) from 1983-1992, rising from a staff position until he became Division Chief/Staff Officer A.

Mr. Sendin is a holder of Masters in Accountancy from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Bachelor of Science in Psychology from St. Louis University, and a Certificate in Organizational Development in 2000. He has also completed a Management Development Program in Switzerland.

Belgium S. Tandoc

Data Protection Officer
Vice President – Business Development

Mr. Tandoc, 49, Filipino, is a Certified Financial Consultant and Certified Data Protection Officer, has served as Data Protection Officer and Vice President for Business Development since July 2019. He joined the Business Development group of MacroAsia Corporation in March 2017. He is currently a Director of Naic Water Supply Corporation. Prior to joining the company, Mr. Tandoc served as the Vice President – Finance and Business Development for SCCI Advisors and SCCI Management and Insurance Agency, Inc. from 2004 to 2016 where he led and implemented various private and government projects including packaging LGU Bond flotations.

Mr. Tandoc started his career as a Business Analyst at Credit Information Bureau, Inc. in 1991 and left as a Group Head in 1994. From there he moved up to various positions in several investment houses and management & financial advisory companies where he worked in various fields including investment banking, corporate finance, credit, treasury and project development.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Management and Bachelor of Science in Social Work degrees from the Pamantasan Lungsod ng Maynila. He is a member of the Financial Executives of the Philippines.

Atty. Florentino M. Herrera III

Corporate Secretary

Mr. Herrera, 68, Filipino, has served as Corporate Secretary since December 2014. He is the Founding Partner of Herrera Teehankee & Cabrera Law Offices. He was a Partner of one of the largest law offices in the Philippines.

He has been engaged in the general practice of law for the past forty two (42) years specializing in corporate law practice as counsel for various companies. Among others, he serves as Senior Adviser of CVC Asia Pacific Limited; he is a director of Philippine Airlines, Inc. (PAL), Lufthansa Technik Philippines (LTP), and Alphaland Corporation.

He is the Corporate Secretary of Allianz PNB Life Insurance, Inc. Atty. Herrera holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree and a Bachelor of Laws degree (Cum Laude, Salutatorian) both from the University of the Philippines.